Calculate pinning charts for A2 Small Format Interchangeable Cores

-Built for 6 or 7 pin systems, but can be used for less if needed (use a decimal as a filler).
-Randomize function generates completely random charts each time it is triggered.
-Easy to use interface: Every text field "autotabs" so there is no need to tap on every box.
-Freeze inputs and functions by tapping the Lock/Unlock toggle to prevent unwanted changes.
-Up to 16 different projects can be saved at any given time.
-All projects are encrypted and protected with a passcode when stored on your device.
-All projects can be exported via AirPrint and Email.
-Control Finder reverse engineers a core to determine the control key's bitting.
-There are two methods for achieving the control key:
      1. Using the master, control, and bottom pins
      2. Using only the top/driver pins.