Calculate pinning charts for popular Large Format Interchangeable Cores

-Corbin-Russwin (System 70 & Non-System 70), Sargent, Medeco 32 Series, and Assa Sargent & Yale/Corbin-Russwin calculators.
-Randomize function generates completely random charts each time it is triggered.
-Easy to use interface: Every text field "autotabs" so there is no need to tap on every box.
-Freeze inputs and functions by tapping the Lock/Unlock toggle to prevent unwanted changes.
-Randomize obeys all spplicable MACS rules (as well as manual input with exception to Medeco).
-MACS chart provided in information page for Medeco.
-Obeys required rules set by Corbin-Russwin, Sargent, Medeco, and Assa respectively.
-AirPrint or Email systems.