Create and print master key systems in an instant

-Perfect for creating small or on-the-fly master key systems.
-Calculates a single matrix automatically by only supplying a 5 or 6 pin TMK.
-Provides 1 sub master and up to 64 change keys.
-Currently supports Kwikset .023", C/R .028", Weiser .018", Ilco-Unican .018",
-Schlage .015", Arrow .014", Sargent .0125" & .020", and Corbin .014".
-Obeys MACS rules for each selected system.
-Generate systems immediately with the Randomize function.
-Shallow Depths functions limits the TMK on all randomly generated systems to small bittings.
-All change keys can be individually labeled.
-Pinning calculator for each change key that displays bottom and master pins.
-AirPrint, Email, or Save systems.
-One save slot given to prevent multiple master key systems saved on a mobile device.
-(save feature is designed when printing or emailing is not immediately available)
-Dark Mode.