Determine the Facility Code and Card Number from the binary or hex value of an Access Card

-Built for when a blank or "naked" access card's information is unknown.
-Accepts Binary or Hexadecimal inputs.
-Dynamic error checking: Inputs turn Red when an invalid character is typed.
-Reverse lookup: Calculate raw binary from facility code and card number.
-Currently supports the following formats:

      26 bits HIDŽ Standard (H10301)
      26 bits Indala
      31 bits HIDŽ ADT
      33 bits HIDŽ Standard (D10202)
      34 bits HIDŽ Standard (H10306)
      34 bits HIDŽ Northern (N1002)
      34 bits Indala Optus
      35 bits HIDŽ Corporate 1000Ž
      36 bits Simplex
      36 bits Lenel
      36 bits S2
      37 bits HIDŽ Farpointe (H10304)
      37 bits HIDŽ (no Facility Code) (H10302)
      37 bits HIDŽ PointGuard
      37 bits Software House
      40 bits Casi Rusco
      40 bits XceedID
      40 bits Honeywell (P10001)
      48 bits HIDŽ Corporate 1000Ž