Quickly total invoices on the road

-Cuts time spent and reduces errors when totaling invoices out in the field.
-Automates and displays the Labor, Parts/Materials, Tax, and Total.
-Ability to change tax rate on labor and/or parts.
-Totals truncate to 2 decimal places. Tax is rounded up to the hundredths when the
-halfway point is a value of 5 or higher.

      if tax = 2.775, actual tax = 2.78
      if tax = 2.77445, actual tax = 2.78
      if tax = 2.771, actual tax = 2.77

-After tapping Parts you can turn your iDevice sideways (landscape) for a larger readout.
-Built in flashlight function for illuminating your invoice.
-Two tax rates are configurable to allow multiple jurisdictions. The secondary tax rate
-can also be used as a tip calculator.
-3 Skins to choose from: Original, Blue Steel, and Magnum.

***Parts are added per line. The timer is used to create a delay when making a single multiplication. This delay gives you enough time to read its subtotal to then transfer onto the invoice.***